Governed by a Board of Directors, the Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation established in 1994 to provide emergency relief assistance to the members and families of the Georgia National Guard, federal/state civilian employees of the Georgia Department of Defense and other qualified military members living in the State of Georgia. Although not a military organization, we are recognized as an official support organization of the Georgia National Guard.

The Foundation is one of eight “check-off” charities for the State of Georgia Department of Revenue. This designation gives every taxpayer in Georgia the opportunity to support soldiers and airmen of the Guard with a donation when filing their State Income Tax Form 500. $730,537.00 has been collected from calendar years 2005-2012. Reportedly 98% of these donations are $1.00! We are also an approved charity for the United Way Combined Federal Campaign (CFC agency code 70602) and the State Charitable Contributions Program (SCCP agency code 177000).

The Foundation was recently selected as the major beneficiary for the 5th Annual Some Gave All 5K in Memory of Major Kevin Jenrette in Lula, GA on May 10, 2014. A total of $ 86,419.00 has been donated to the Foundation in Memory of Major Jenrette (killed in action on June 4, 2009 in Afghanistan) since 2010 and we are honored to be the charity partner for this awesome event again this year!

In addition, we have been selected as the military relief organization in Georgia by The Pantry, Inc. for the 4th Annual Kangaroo Express ‘Salute Our Troops’ Campaign in 2014! This event gets bigger each year with a total of $125,240.00 donated since 2011! For 2014, we are looking for motorcycle groups to organize Roo Rides between June 25 and September 2 during the Salute Our Troops fundraising campaign with stops at Kangaroo Express stores! Retirees from the 165th past 12 years. They have donated more than $50,000 to the Foundation, as well as other worthwhile charities, with plans underway for May 23-25 2014!

In 2013, we were selected as the beneficiary of the Assault on Kennesaw Mountain 5K for the second year, the first annual “Butterworth’s Bomber Run”, a motorcycle ride in Honor of Maj Gen Jim Butterworth and the GA National Guard, and the Inaugural GA National Guard Half Marathon and Ruck Run in Canton, GA. We are very excited about these fundraising opportunities as well as the individual and corporate donations from companies such as, ACC Health, AGL Resources, the Georgia Power Company and the Georgia Power Foundation, Lockheed Martin, the Phillips Group and others. We also enjoy relationships with the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks for discounted ticket sales!

As a result of contributions, both large and small, we were able to approve $285,230.00 in financial assistance to 300 Guard members and their families in 2013. In October, the partial government shut-down and furloughs impacted many of our military families as well as civilian Georgia Department of Defense employees supporting the Guard. We were able to step in when orders were delayed or cancelled, education plans were stopped and families struggled with meeting basic needs for their households. Cumulatively, we have exceeded $2 million dollars in assistance to almost 2,400 military members. Examples of assistance include payments to avoid eviction, foreclosure, utilities disconnection and repossession of vehicles due to job loss and other circumstances. Assistance has been given to victims of house and apartment fires, tornados, floods and other natural disasters. Emergency travel and funeral expenses, as well as assistance to Guard members injured during deployment and training, temporary pay problems and more are examples of the multiple requests for assistance that are received each week.

We hope you will consider making a contribution to the Foundation to help Guard families in need. You can contribute by credit card on our website ( ; you can “pick an amount and make it count” on Tax Form 500 when you file your State of Georgia Income Taxes as the Foundation is one of eight approved tax “check-off” charities in the State; federal employees can contribute through the annual Combined Federal Campaign (CFC Agency Code # 70602); state employees can contribute through the annual State of Georgia Charitable Contributions Program (SCCP Agency Code # 177000), or you can simply mail a donation. Thank you for your support!

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Donate to the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation when you file your income tax return for 2013!

Kangaroo Express gives $54K to the GANG Family Support Foundation

CLAY NATIONAL GUARD CENTER, Marietta, Ga. Oct. 24, 2013

Mark Ostoits of Kangaroo Express presented a $53,977 check to Col. Dan Zachman and the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation at the conclusion of the Kangaroo Express “Salute Our Troop” 2013 campaign on Thursday at lunch in Marietta.

“Kangaroo Express wanted a way to give back to our military troops, and it just made sense to give to a local organization like the GNGFSF who live and work in communities our stores serve. This year our 107 Georgia stores raised nearly $54,000 for the GNGFSF,” said Mark Ostoits, KE Georgia Regional Director. “It is our great employees and customers that make this initiative such a big success, because they are the ones that organize the fund raising drives like dunking booths, and Roo Rides (motorcycle rides) that benefit our troops.”

Kangaroo Express raised $32,000 in 2011 and $39,000 in 2012 through previous “Salute Our Troops” Campaigns.

“The GANGFSF has enjoyed a three year relationship with KE, whose pro-military culture has promoted the ‘Salute Our Troops’ campaign and given so much to so many of our Guardsmen,” said Col. Dan Zachman, GANGFSF board member.

In 2013 the GANGFSF has given 200 grants and 15 interest free loans for emergency financial relief with an average value of $1,000 to Airmen, Soldiers and civilian employees of the Georgia National Guard.

“The GANGFSF would not be able to complete its mission without the generous support of organizations like Kangaroo Express which has helped the GANGFSF provide over $2 million in emergency relief assistance to Georgia National Guard Airmen, Soldiers, and civilian employees since 2004,” said Mrs. Harriett Morgan, program manager for the GANGFSF. “Requests continue to come in daily adding to the $200,000 in assistance the GANGFSF has been able to provide in assistance this year alone. These donations are helping many Soldiers, Airmen and their families face financial hardships.”

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Gainesville Times Article Spotlights Some Gave All 5k

5K Race to Honor Fallen Hero Raises Funds for Service Members

WSBTV News Report - Woman Helps Raise Money for GA Soldiers

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Application Updated January, 2014
Please use the updated grant application below:

Emergency Relief Application (PDF 132KB)

Foundation Reports

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2012 Some Gave All5k Appreciation Lunch

OLIVE GARDEN, Atlanta Ga., Sep. 25, 2012

Shannon Jenrette of the Some Gave All (SGA) 5K race committee met with Maj. Gen. Tom Moore, president of the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation and others to present the Foundation with a $19,000.00 check. Guardsmen, family members, and by standers applauded as the largest check to date was handed over to the Foundation from the SGA 5K.

“This is the 3rd annual appreciation lunch to thank Shannon and the SGA 5K committee for their hard work and donation to the Foundation,” said Moore. “SGA is the largest individual donor contributing to the Foundation’s support given to hundreds of families each year. The help we give Guardsmen and their families really is a life saver, keeping them from falling off a financial cliff.”

The SGA 5K race held its 3rd annual run in Lula, Ga. on May 12, 2012 to honor and remember the sacrifice of Fallen Hero, Maj. Kevin Jenrette. Over 200 runners gathered there to partake in the race.

“I am glad to be here today and I represent so many other hard working committee members who help make the SGA 5K a success,” said Shannon Jenrette. “100% of the proceeds go to the Ga. National Guard Family Support Foundation to support military families in need. It is an honor to give something back to military families, because my military family was there for me and my family supporting us with their presence, prayers, and friendship.”

The Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation is a non-profit charitable corporation that provides assistance on an emergency relief basis to Guardsmen in the Georgia National Guard and other qualified military members living in the State of Georgia. As a result of contributions, both large and small, the Foundation has provided over $1,541,590.00 in emergency relief assistance to more than 1,790 Georgia National Guard members and their families as of December 2011. The Foundation is affiliated with and is an official support organization of the Georgia National Guard. For more information concerning the Foundation go to

The Some Gave All 5K is dedicated to Maj. Kevin Jenrette who was killed in action on June 4, 2009, in Afghanistan. The date of the race is significant to Maj. Jenrette and his family because he graduated from Ranger school on May 10th, 1996. Every year, the race will continue to be scheduled on the second Saturday in May. For more information on the Some Gave All 5K race go to



Story and photos by Maj. Will Cox
Georgia Army National Guard
Public Affairs Office

"Freedom" by Steve Penley
FREEDOM is a stirring and penetrating tribute to American soldiers, from the Minute Men to the 48th Brigade, captured on canvas by renowned Georgia artist, Steve Penley, to benefit the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation. Remaining signed prints are available at a reduced cost of $ 35.00 each, plus shipping and handling.

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The GEORGIA NATIONAL GUARD FAMILY SUPPORT FOUNDATION, INC. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation established in 1994 to provide emergency relief assistance to the members of the Georgia National Guard, federal/state civilian employees of the Georgia Department of Defense and other qualified military members living in the State of Georgia.

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